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The FSCC want to raise the profile of the crisis in Social Care and to win and build support for our core aims. We want MPs and Peers to support our pledges and put pressure on the Government to FIX Social Care.

We want Government to take immediate action to:

  • Support a Social Care People Plan to give national shape and recognition to the sector. The FSCC drafted A Social Care People Plan Framework signed off by 26 social care sector organisations and leaders last year 

  • Increase social carers’ pay to at least the Real Living Wage. Lifting all paid carers to the level of the Real Living Wage (£9.90/£11.05 in London) and fully funding the 2023 costs of new care assessments is necessary NOW and also to avert a winter crisis

  • Give the Social Care workforce an emergency funding boost to help support the NHS to deliver improved health and care. Health and Social Care are inextricably linked.  The Government’s ICS integration agenda relies on bridging the gap in social care. By committing to the funding needed for social care, the economy WINS. The nation’s health and wellbeing increases and the prospect of a winter crisis and the human and real costs to the NHS reduces

  • Support calls for a joint Committee Inquiry or Royal Commission into Social Care 2030: Opportunities and Challenges

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